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The Advantages Of Using Air Pallets


Designed for moving up to forty tons of load, air pallets feature unlimited maneuver options and are popular for applications such as component assembly, manufacturing, product testing and lean manufacturing. Air pallets can replace or work beside conveyors, cranes and fork lifts for minimal cost. Also available with the air pallets are no-load wheels, throttle control, chocks and optional handles. 

Big businesses that operate globally now use air pallets as part and parcel of their enterprise. This machine is cost-effective, space-saving and operates quietly. It saves on the cost of staff and only needs compressed air to work. In fact, if you have a warehouse that has tight corners and small spaces, the air pallet machine can still operate and function with ease, doing the job it is meant to do without causing additional stress. 

Friction-less movement is yours when you need to move larger, heavier objects with ease. Using air pallet technology, you get all the movement you need free of fiction in any direction. This is a great alternative to wheeled forklifts and carts for moving heavier loads and pallets. Each platform also has guide wheels which you can retract so if you need to maneuver larger loads, this will be stress-free. Even if your warehouse floors are not one hundred percent smooth, the air pallet can work with ease. This saves you from having to use other types of heavy lifting machinery such as a crane, a forklift or the like. 

No Load Wheels

Move air pallet and air plank products when each caster is not inflated. There are three available models including fixed height, low profile spring loaded and spring loaded. When you are working on sloped surfaces or slightly uneven ground, bring more control with your air caster even when you are in a tight spot. This is the solution you need for great movement. Add guidance to bearings and air floats with the use of the guide wheels.

Your Production System Comes First

Depending on what specific type your production system is, the air pallet can match any finish. Whether you need chem treat, rough coat, powder coating or anodized pallets, this can be provided.


Air pallets can move between one to forty tons economically. There is movement with no vibration and zero emissions with quiet operations. This self-loading, low profile method is ideal for stress-free maneuvers. For optimal loading control, there are optional guiding wheels. When unloaded, there is an option for No Load Wheels for easy movement. The handles are available in U or T shaped configuration.

Designed For Ease

Air pallets are created to move with ease and precision even with heavy loads. The floor will go through the least strain and friction so that no damage is caused. The flexibility of our pallets is perfect for application of Lean Flow manufacturing and product testing and support. Loading and unloading our lightweight pallets is a breeze. Loads are moved less expensively and the total cost of operation will be minimal. Air pallets are capable of being moved with control handles and is available in various sizes. Because the pallets are well-made and lightweight, they assist overhead conveyors, expensive rollers and forklifts or cranes to create a better working flow in assembly. 

Air pallets are easy to use. All you need to do is float after connecting the air and move the load where you need to. There are automatic or fixed chocks for easy pallet handling. The pallets are perfect in explosive environments and clean room because compressed air is the only power requirement.


Air pallets can be used with a lift table for portability. The motion is omni-directional and has almost zero friction. It makes it easy to unload or load using the lift table. On the lift table is an air motor that can use the same line of air to lift and for horizontal movement. The load is central on the center of gravity. Smaller loads are similar to pallet jacks can carry. You only need on connection for air. The handle has all the controls you need to access. For straight line movements, there is a build in guiding wheel for precision and convenience. 

Air pallets are flat structures for transporting goods while being air-lifted in a stable way. Pallets are foundations of a unit low that allow storage and handling to be accomplished more efficiently. Products and goods are often placed on air pallets and secured with shrink wrap, stretch wrap or strapping before getting shipped. Air pallets have quickly replaced cardboard and wood as a method of shipping since it was first invented. 

Air pallets makes it easier to move cargo in heavy stacks. Movement is easier on a smooth surface. Organizations began using standard air pallets for unloading and loading goods which cost less when it came to shipping a lot of goods, such as costume jewelry through the air. 

Many shippers and manufacturers of commercial good use air pallets. These can be made of various materials and can even be used as a unit of measurement with products available by pallet for your orders. Each of the pallets can contain a unit in set amounts. For shippers, sellers and buyers, there are a lot of advantages in using air pallets for shipping.

Air pallets are recyclable. These can be melted down and sold as scrap or recast. Air pallets take up very little space and are lightweight despite their strength. Manufacturers and shippers are able to store each pallet on top of each other in a stack to take up the least amount of floor space. Air pallets are especially lightweight and add very little weight to the shipped products. In fact, empty pallets are lightweight enough for one worker to lift. 

Each pallet we manufacture is stronger compared to other containers for shipping such as plastic wrappers or cardboard boxes. This lets shippers able to begin stacking heavy objects on one pallet without having to worry about the air pallet becoming damaged. Plus, air pallets keep their contents above the floor, thus the items are safe from debris, dirt or spilled water. Air pallets can be reused and can be sent back and forth between buyers and manufacturers a multiple of times before they need to be recycled or repaired.

One main advantage of air pallets is that they make items easier to ship by air. When you combine a lot of small items and stack them on one pallet, air shippers don't have a lot of objects to keep track of. These goods that are contained within the air pallets also get more protection from damages due to handling. Air pallets follow universal shapes and sizes which make them easier to stack and lift using a pallet jack or a forklift. 

Built In Safety

Systems that involve air pallets are safe for use by your operator. One pound of force that the operator exerts will be able to move a load of a thousand pounds. This makes it a better way for moving heavier loads. Using the air caster, a film of air is created when compressed air in a hose gets connected and pumps up the circle diaphragm and center plenum chambers. When this happens, the air caster is able to exceed the load weight and slowly, air escapes evenly between the torus flexible bag and the surface of the floor creating a friction-less, thin air film a fraction of an inch thick. When the air pallet has more than four casters, it is designed for operating underneath loads with a similar dimension.

Ideal For Transport

In environments that require a clean room, air pallets are ideal for transporting loads and moving goods to storage and shipping areas. This aligns machines precisely over moving modules, footings and rearranging entire lines of production. The air film on which the caster float provide movement capabilities allowing for maximum maneuvering around tight spaces and sharp corners. The air pallet has a low profile aluminum deck which makes it easy to move cargo in restricted areas such as limited door heights and low ceilings. 


Systems of air pallets enable one person to be able to efficiently and safely move heavy loads. The pallets use technology that is able to float the load over thin layers of air on the surface. Air pallets are ideal for being able to move heavy load bulks such as rolls of paper, drums made of steel or other warehouse loads and applications of manufacturing. Valves are controlled by the automatic flow to make up for irregularities on the operating surface and offset loads. 

You can rest assured that you won't have to deal with huge, noisy methods of moving cargo from one end of the production arena to another. Instead, all you need to do is to attach the compression hose to the machine and guide it in the direction you want to go. You can then lift your cargo without much fuss and get the job done very quickly. This saves you from having to find a way to bring in large machines to load up cargo within your warehouse. It is a hassle-free, stress free method of maneuvering goods. Take advantage of everything the air pallet has to offer. After all, this is one method that won't fail you.

Why You Need An Air Pallet

Production, shipping and manufacturing plants need air pallets to move their cargo from one spot to another. This is true especially when you want to save on staff. The reason is that air pallets can be operated by just one person at a time who knows how to operate the machine. Plus, it is compressed air that will do all the hard work for you, so that you don't have to exert any stress or any effort in lifting tons of cargo from one spot to another. 

You get ease of operation in a stress-free manner when you use an air pallet. Plus, it works on slightly uneven and rough surfaces with ease. In fact, you can use air pallets on a regular basis without risk, as it is made for heavy duty, daily use. You get safe movements when all the precautionary guidelines are followed. This is perfect when you need a quiet machine at the workplace. It can also be used to move stock from one end of the warehouse to another without making much noise. It is as if you have a very quiet assistant who does all the work for you.

Move Giant Loads

When you are producing or manufacturing heavy loads that seem impossible to maneuver quickly, all you need to do is get a large capacity air pallet that can help you transfer the heaviest loads from one side of the area to another. Make sure your operator knows all the safety precautions and guidelines about moving heavy goods. No matter how efficient and precise this machine is, it is always better to follow health guidelines and wear the proper protective gear for operating machinery and equipment especially since you are dealing with the movement of heavy loads. 

Safety First

No matter how experienced you are in the field it is always a good idea to protect yourself by wearing protective gear such as a hard hat and uniform. Make sure you wear gloves and safety glasses as well. Even if this machine is safe to operate, the fact that you are in charge of transferring tons of goods in order to proceed with the next step of your production, you will need to do the right thing and abide by the safety standards set by the government and the health agencies for professions that are involved in this type of work. Plus, it is always better to be a good example to other workers by wearing all your gear and practicing caution when you operate the air pallet. Make sure that the containers you are lifting is centered and balanced and everything should go smoothly.

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