Selection of pallet types and performance introduction

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-15
The first choice is to know the classification of common trays. In the previous article: The comparison of a variety of different material trays has been introduced. It is roughly divided into: I. Pine Tray (Wood Tray) 2. Composite wood pallets such as plywood (plywood pallets) Third, plastic tray 4.Steel tray V. Paper Tray 26. Shaving moulded trays 1. Select different trays according to different environments Ambient humidity: Due to the strong hygroscopicity of certain material pallets, such as pine pallets and plywood pallets, they should not be used in humid environments, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. Paper trays are often used for single-use outlets, and are not particularly exposed to water. Environmental cleanliness requirements: consider the degree of pollution of the pallet to the environment. For highly polluted environments, you must choose a tray that is resistant to pollution and easy to clean. Such as plastic trays, composite plastic wood trays, etc., depending on the situation is very important. There are also special requirements for the material of the goods carried by the pallet. In special cases, the goods carried by the pallet are corrosive or the goods they carry require a high degree of cleanliness, then it must choose a plastic tray with strong corrosion resistance. Or plastic wood composite tray. 2. The use of the tray affects the choice of the type of tray The first thing to consider is if your pallets carry goods for export? For export goods, countries basically require fumigation and insecticide treatment of the raw wood (such as pine) packaging materials, which is equivalent to increasing export costs. Therefore, the export tray should be as simple as possible without fumigation plywood trays or plastic trays. Due to the high price of plastic pallets, plywood pallets are the first choice for products that are not corrosive to the goods or require less cleanliness of the pallets. Secondly, the pallets used for shelf stacking should be those that have high rigidity, are not easily deformed, and have a large dynamic load; such as steel pallets and wooden pallets with hard and hard wood. If the pallet is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional library, it is also necessary to consider whether the structure of the pallet is suitable for being placed on the shelf. Since the goods can only be inserted and removed from the shelves in two directions, the pallets used on the shelves should be as far as possible with four-sided forks, which is convenient for the forklift to pick up the goods and improve the work efficiency. Furthermore, depending on whether the pallets are to be stacked after loading the goods, it is decided whether to choose single-sided or double-sided pallets. Since the single-sided pallet has only one bearing surface, if the load capacity of the cargo below is not strong, it is not suitable for stacking, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the lower cargo. Therefore, multi-layer stacking is required after reloading the cargo. Try to choose a double-sided pallet. 3. Performance index of tray 最 The main performance of the pallet is the load requirement. The load capacity includes: Staticcapacity Static load refers to the maximum load of the pallet when the pallet is placed on a horizontal and rigid plane, and the goods are evenly spread on the pallet. Dynamiccapacity Dynamic load refers to the maximum load that the pallets can be placed evenly on the floor during the dynamic operation of the pallet when using forklifts and other transportation equipment. Rackedcapacity Refers to the maximum load that the pallet can evenly lay when the pallet is suspended on the beam shelf or other similar shelves across the beam. Therefore, the selection of the pallet must first determine its load requirements. The load requirements depend on the use function of the pallet. When the pallet is to be stored on the shelf, the load on the shelf is the most important. If the forklift is required for the exit pallet, the dynamic load is the most important. At the same time, the loading capacity of the pallet has a lot to do with the way the goods are placed on the pallet. If the weight of the goods is not uniform or the equipment has support feet, it is not the entire pallet surface that is stressed. High, it is necessary to make a specific analysis of the force situation to design the tray structure.
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