Selection and use of environmentally friendly plywood

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-16
Whether the large core board in plywood is environmentally friendly has a lot to do with whether the glue used in the production process is environmentally friendly. As the main raw material of plywood products is urea-formaldehyde as an adhesive, this glue raw material is easy to obtain, the price is low, the production process is relatively simple, and the use is convenient. It is a core raw material product that wood products have long relied on. In summer, extreme weather phenomena such as excessive temperature, excessive dryness, excessive rain, and excessive humidity often occur. Summer has not always been considered a good season for home improvement. In summer construction, as long as there are some matters needing attention, quality problems can be avoided. At present, in the field of decoration in China, blockboard is commonly used as the basic board for home and engineering decoration. Blockboard, because it uses glued or non-glued solid wood strips as the core board, is called a large core board, and it is the leading product of decorative boards in China at this stage. Due to the limitation of processing technology and the difference in the quality of adhesives, the majority of formaldehyde released in blockboards circulating on the market have seriously exceeded the standard, which has caused serious harm to the public environment and human health. However, due to the low price of large core boards, at present, large core boards are still the main materials used in home decoration. Since the 1960s, foreign countries have begun to study and solve the pollution caused by formaldehyde release. Developed countries and regions such as Europe, Japan, and the United States have formulated strict formaldehyde emission standards in the 1990s. And through the continuous advancement of technology, it has gradually reached the industry specifications with European E-class standards and Japanese F-class standards. Integrated boards are used in construction and home improvement in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Although it is more expensive than artificial boards such as large core boards, in terms of comprehensive indicators, it is actually not much higher than the materials used for large core boards. Surface, grinding and other processes, so the cost of finished products made of large core board is not low. And this integrated board has a smooth surface and a beautiful spruce pattern. It can be directly painted without polishing or veneering to make decorative panels, furniture, etc., and the production cost does not increase much. There is another upgrade product of large core board on the market-'Ou Song board'. Ou Songban International is collectively referred to as OSB, which is a new type of structural decorative board and is the fastest-growing board in the world. Using fast-growing thinning pine as raw material, processed by special equipment into 40 to 100 mm long, 5 to 20 mm wide, 0.3 to 0.7 mm thick flakes, dried, screened, deoiled, sizing, directional paving, hot pressing A new type of artificial board made by molding and other processes. Euro pine board is made of pine wood through a number of advanced and complicated processes, and the wooden texture structure is reorganized to make it extremely outstanding in physical properties. It is an upgraded product of large core board and other man-made boards. It is essentially different from large core board, density fiberboard and ordinary particleboard. All European pine boards use advanced environmentally friendly adhesives and meet the European highest environmental standard EN300. The finished products fully meet the European E1 standard. People's requirements for environmental protection and healthy living now and in the future. Because of the reorganization of the wood texture structure of Ou Songban, the influence of wood internal stress on processing is completely eliminated, making it exceptionally easy to process. Like logs, OUSON boards can be drilled, planed, sawed, and formed in any direction using standard stationary machinery, power and hand tools.
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