Quality assurance of air pallets
Huizhou Jiasheng Packing Co., Ltd values the quality of air pallet . The raw materials and auxiliary materials we use are approved for production. The samples obtained from the production lines during and right after production are subjected to quality control tests specified by the national and international quality standards organizations. During the process quality control phase, product measurements are continuously inspected and recorded simultaneously with production. Our products must pass all controls performed according to the frequency and number of controls as defined in the quality standards and receive “Quality Certification”.

For many years, Jiasheng Packing. has been making purchasing plastic packing box easily and conveniently for customers. We offer fast design and manufacturing turnover. Jiasheng Packing produces a number of different product series, including pallets plasticos. The law of heat conduction theory has been adopted in the developing of Jiasheng Packing air cargo pallets. It's specially made to allow the heat to be transferred from the higher temperature region to the lower temperature region. This product is sturdy enough to load large quantities of goods. our company is also professional in its customer service. The product has undergone rigorous strength tests.

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