Problems in using wooden boxes and packing boxes

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-17
1. seal No matter which type of packing box is used, it must be properly sealed. Improper sealing of the packaging box will cause changes in the quality of the contents, pollution, leakage, etc., and even cause a vicious accident. ――Drum packing box, the mouth of the barrel and the mouth of the barrel must be closely matched with an appropriate seal. The tightness should meet the sealing requirements. The wrench hoop also needs to lock the wrench with a pin. ――Bag packing box, whether it is tied, glued, heat-sealed or stitched, must ensure that the contents are not leaked, and there is no gas in the bag. The selected rope or thread does not react with the contents. ――Box packing box. If wooden box or fiberboard box is used, the sealing should be fastened with iron nails or U-shaped nails. If you use a cardboard box, a calcium plastic box, etc., seal it with a non-drying tape no less than 5cm wide, with a droop length of no less than 5cm, and tighten the box with packing straps. 2. Problems in protective boxes The quality of goods in the process of circulation in many forms, including: physical changes, chemical changes, physiological and biochemical changes, and so on. In order to prevent changes in the circulation process of goods, protective measures are often taken on the packaging boxes. The protective packaging boxes commonly include: waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, insect-proof, shock-proof, bacteria-proof, magnetic-proof, radiation-proof, etc. . 不 Improper use of protective packaging can also cause economic loss or quality accidents. 3. Problems in the packing box during transportation 3.11. Problems during loading and unloading 'Barbaric loading and unloading' is still quite prominent. The author has witnessed on several occasions that packaging box and container manufacturing companies treat their products such as Treasures carefully, carefully packing the boxes, and loading them carefully. To prevent collisions, use a blanket pad and wrapper paper. But when it was transported to the enterprise, it was another scene. The loader rolled down from a car more than 4 meters high, and some even had a 'pedal' without any protective measures on the ground. Deformation of barrels, loose packing of cartons, rolls at four corners, holes, pollution, etc. are terrible. These packaging boxes have not been used yet, they are beyond recognition and will directly affect the image and quality of the products. After filling the contents, especially the 200-litre vat or pallet collection packing box, which is carried or loaded with a forklift, the driver's quality awareness is weak, the operation technology is not enough, and accidents such as collisions and rollovers occur, which cause serious damage to the packing box damage. This requires enterprises to strengthen the management of loading and unloading personnel, strengthen quality awareness, formulate corresponding procedures and documents, and take appropriate protective measures to avoid or reduce damage to packaging boxes during loading and unloading. 3.2. Problems during transportation If you are not careful during transportation, it will also cause damage to the packing box. For one, the packaging is contaminated due to unclean vehicles. For example, after carrying coal, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other substances, the vehicle will not be cleaned in time to cause damage or pollution to the re-transported goods. Secondly, not covering with tarpaulin during transportation will cause rain and sun exposure, which will also cause damage, fading, and aging of the packaging box. During transportation, especially long-distance transportation, it must be covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain and weather. Sun. Third, the damage to the packaging box caused by improper loading methods, such as ① the loading of goods is not real, there is a gap between the goods, causing collisions and friction between the goods during transportation. ② Load the goods upside down so that the liquid in the contents leaks and soaks and contaminates other packing boxes. ③ Improper stacking of the goods on the carrier means that the bottom cargo is overloaded and the packing box is damaged. In addition, during the transportation of goods, there are also vibrations from vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes, etc., and corresponding measures must be taken. 4. Problems in storage 4.1. Open storage Storage of products in the open air may cause the following losses: mildew and damage to the paper packaging box; peeling and rusting of the paint film on the steel drum packaging box; discoloration and aging of the plastic packaging box; and dry cracking of the wooden packaging box. 4.2. Stacking 的 Influence of the distribution process on the quality of the packaging box In addition to the problems in the above four aspects, there are also the temperature and humidity of the environment and the time of circulation.
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