Introduction to Shockproof Methods and Material

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-18
Shockproof method: Wrapping Use various types of sheets to wrap a single piece of content and put it in an outer box. This method is mostly used for shock-proof packaging of small items. Die box packaging method Using models to make polystyrene resin and other materials into the same shape as the product, and use it to package the product to achieve the shockproof effect. This method is mostly used for small, lightweight products packaging. Compression packaging method Fill or reinforce fragile items with elastic materials, which can absorb the energy of vibration or shock and guide it to the strongest part of the contents. The so-called elastic materials are generally filamentous, thin, and granular, so that they can be well packed for products with complex shapes. They can effectively absorb energy, disperse external forces, and effectively protect the contents when shockproof. Floating packaging method And compression packaging method is basically the same, except that the elastic material used is a small pad. These materials can be displaced and flowed, which can effectively fill the gap between the directly stressed parts and disperse the impact force on the contents. Material classification: Plywood packaging boxes are generally used for export packaging of large machinery and machinery. This material can be exported directly without fumigation. Plywood packaging boxes can avoid all the troubles and high costs caused by fumigation. Plywood packaging boxes are the preferred packaging for your export products. Thing. Iron packing box is generally used for the export of goods and domestic turnover. Iron packing box has a higher investment at one time and is used most often. In fact, iron packing box is the most cost-effective turnover packing box. Paper packing box is generally used for smaller and lighter goods packaging, which is convenient for inventory, storage and transportation. Paper packing box can greatly improve work efficiency and save labor costs. Wooden packing boxes are generally used for domestic transportation of large machines and machinery. Wooden packing boxes can ensure that the goods are not damaged and scratched during transportation. Wooden packing boxes are conducive to the loading and unloading and transportation of goods, which can greatly improve the safety of the goods. coefficient.
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