In which fields are packaging boxes widely used?

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-19
As a commonly used transport packaging container, the packing box has many advantages such as being able to take materials on site, easy to produce, light weight, high strength, good durability, flexibility, and cheap price, etc., and is widely used in many fields. Especially the wooden box packaging of large and medium-sized mechanical products cannot be separated from the packaging box. According to the different materials, it can be divided into plywood boxes, bakelite boxes and wooden boxes; according to the relative position of the box files and box boards, it can be divided into inner frame wooden boxes and outer frame wooden boxes; according to the degree of closure of the box surface, packaging Boxes have closed wooden boxes and grate boxes; according to the weight and size of their contents, they can be divided into small boxes, medium boxes and large boxes. At present, the production mainly uses extrusion molding, that is, mixing wood flour and molten plastic to extrude the die holes to obtain various profiles and wooden packaging boxes. The growth rate of wooden box profiles is much higher than that of wooden boxes. In order to reduce the amount of raw materials, companies mostly use micro-foaming technology to reduce the density of materials and produce small through holes in the profiles through mold technology. The surface of the fumigation-free wooden box can be decorated and protected by spray painting or ink printing technology. Among them, the printing technology can not only obtain very realistic wooden boxes and stone textures, but also because the ink penetrates into the material, the surface of the fumigation-free wooden box can be marked in a certain range. Injuries do not significantly affect the appearance.
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