Environmental protection fun little knowledge

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-20
Packing box is the most widely used packaging product. According to different materials, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., there are various specifications and models. Cardboard boxes are commonly used in three layers, five layers, and seven layers are used less. The color and feel are different, and the paper (color, feel) produced by different manufacturers is also different. As an indispensable part of modern logistics, the packaging box bears the important responsibility of containing and protecting the product. The physical performance index of the packaging box becomes The basis of its quality assessment. The stable working environment conditions ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data, and there are senior engineers who have engaged in carton testing for many years to test and analyze the packaging boxes, and provide fair and scientific test data to the packaging box suppliers and packaging box users. . TTS (One Pass Testing) also provides many well-known companies with supplier material screening, bid evaluation and other projects. Due to the traditional papermaking using raw wood pulp, a large amount of wood is consumed, the ecology is destroyed, and serious pollution is caused. Therefore, 'urban papermaking' using waste paper bins has become the two major development trends of modern papermaking industry together with 'forestry-paper integration' of afforestation and papermaking integration. At the same time, urban papermaking also plays a role in absorbing urban garbage, embodying the spirit of 'urban production and urban consumption'. Some developed regions cities have supporting urban waste paper recycling bases. When people talk about environmental protection and recycling of resources, they always like to emphasize the gap between Chinese and foreign nationals in the concept of existence, but in fact, laws set rules, rules foster habits, and habits become natural and naturalized concepts. This is a process. To rationalize the specific links of recycling, the 'circular economy' including the use of waste cardboard boxes can really grow.
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