Alcohol packaging void ratio may not exceed 55%

by:JIASHENG     2020-02-22
In order to curb excessive packaging in the food industry and regulate food packaging behaviors, the industry standards of the “Food Packaging Standards” drafted by the China Business Federation recently organized by the Commercial Reform Department of the Ministry of Commerce formally opened for public comments. Among them, the 'Specifications' stipulates that the number of packaging layers and packaging voids of foods such as beverages, wine, cakes, and health products must meet certain specifications. Taking wine as an example, the unnecessary space in the packaging and the product sales packaging The volume ratio (that is, the package void ratio) must not exceed 55%. The 'Specifications' specify the design and production principles, labeling and recycling management of packaging waste in detail. The number of packaging layers such as alcohol, beverages and cakes must not exceed 3 layers. The void ratio of packaging of health food shall not exceed 50%, and the number of packaging layers must also be 3 or less. The packing void ratio of tea will not exceed 25%, and the number of packing layers must be 3 or less. In addition, the 'Draft' opinion draft states that food retail enterprises should improve the food and packaging materials certification verification system. At the same time, shopping bags provided by retail enterprises should choose degradable materials with a thickness greater than 0.025 / L, and at the same time, make maximum use of shopping bags to load food. Regarding the management of waste recycling, the Draft Opinion requires retail enterprises to establish and improve a waste recycling management system to ensure that recycling marks are effectively identified. The 'Draft' opinion draft also stipulates that food packaging should reflect product quality, highlight national culture, corporate culture and product characteristics, and be simple, refreshing and beautiful.
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