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Custom Air Pallet, the Best Technology for Transport


Are you looking for air pallets? There are new pallets on the market, called the air pallets. Air pallets are very important for moving a heavy object from one place to another.

It is one of the advanced technologies that make it easier to transport heavy things. If air pallet is not there, it would be hard to complete these everyday tasks in the shipping industry.


The air pallets make it so easy that only one person is good enough to carry something several times his weight. Moving heavyweights are no longer a difficulty.


Air pallets can help you out a lot in the business. It saves money, time, and your products. At first, you need to understand the simple pallets. Only then you can compare and understand how valuable air pallets are.


What are pallets?


Pallets are structures that hold goods and products during transportation. They make it easier to hold them, arrange them in order and transfer them. Pallets are made out of different types of materials. Each type has its own benefits for transporting goods.


As technologies are evolving new types of pallets are introduced. These new pallets make transportation easier and reduce the cost of transport.


There are many types of pallets that you can select. You need to select one to make sure that it suits your budget as well as your products and goods.

Why are pallets used for transportation?


If you are transporting goods, pallets are one of the most important structures you need. Using pallets has many benefits over moving the goods in a bare hand.


When you are using a pallet you are saving time on product handling. All products are inside the pallet, so they can be picked up and placed for transporting.


The pallets form an exterior structure on the goods. Thus it protects the goods from any shocks that could damage it.


The pallets can be placed one above the other instead of plane goods. When they are put like that it reduces floor space. So, it cuts down warehouse costs.


By using pallets, the products are moved around with mechanical help. This reduces the chances of damage or accidents. Hence making it safer using pallets to transport goods.


How many types of pallets are there?


Many types of pallets are there for transporting goods. Each of them has advantages of using them. Their benefits are discussed below:


Wooden pallets


These are pallets that are cost effective. So, if you have a low budget for transporting, these are probably your best option. Wooden pallets can easily be disposed of after use. They are also lightweight so; they are one of the best choices to carry goods around in places.


Plastic pallets


Plastic material is clean, they can easily be wiped off from any dirt particles. Hence they are neat pallets. There are fewer chances of your goods getting spoiled. It is lightweight, cheap and durable. So, plastic pallets are one of the ideal choices for transport.


Aluminum pallets


Strong, lightweight pallets that you will like for your transports. Apart from being sturdy, they are also rust-free. It is one of the pallets that you won't regret buying for your business.


Chemical pallets


Sometimes chemical and corrosive materials are also transported from place to place. Hence chemical pallets are used to carry these products. They can withstand corrosive and harsh conditions. It makes them suitable for carrying chemicals to places. Thus they are called chemical pallets.


Wire mesh pallets


Strong pallets that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The pallets are net-like structure. It allows outer air to pass through. There is no filter in the pallets. Even solid particles can pass through into the pallet. It may cause some problems while transportation. But it can prove itself worthy when there is a harsh weather change.


Distribution pallets


These are mainly used in wholesale and grocery business.


Custom pallets


Although you can buy various types of pallets from the market. Sometimes the pallets don't meet the needs of exports. In such cases, the pallets are needed to be custom made. Most pallets are made custom for the sizes they offer. They are probably not a good size to hold the product, so it needs to be custom made.


Export pallets


Pallets are used for transportations, however, there is one difference. When goods are transferred internationally, there are some minimum standard requirements to fulfill. Those pallets that have to meet the standards are called export pallets.


Air pallets


The most exciting pallets technology can bring. It is the future of pallets. It consists of using air pressure to lift the goods and carry them around. Air pallets are the next generation pallets that can save a lot of money in the export process.


What are air pallets?


Air pallets are the technology that helps to move heavy objects very easily. It is used mostly in shipping areas, where it comes in handy for loading and unloading heavy products. It can also be used to place objects to make it easier to mark them. An empty room can be used to line up and neatly organize the products.


By using the air pallet the movement becomes free and flexible. The technology works by creating a layer of air between the ground and the lift. As a result, the heavyweight floats on thin air making it easier to move around freely. It can be used to move as freely as the flow of air itself.


The technology can lift up to 12000 lbs. Since air is formed between the tray and the ground, there is negligible friction between the two. So, smooth movement across all the places.


Hence the air pallets make a better carrier than wheeled trolley in many aspects. The air pallets are the future of locomotive trolleys. It makes carrying things much easier, than trolleys used in the previous time.


Why do you need air pallets?


Air pallets are very important in the shipping industry. It reduces the workload, makes it a lot easier to load and unload for shipping. Additionally, it minimizes the time required to complete the loading and unloading.


Apart from that, air pallets are also used for organizing and tracking. If you are not using air pallets to carry your goods, then you are putting yourself to a disadvantage. Using wheeled carriers are like taking the extra load and wasting time. So, a lot of people prefer air pallet over the old style wheel carriers.


 Air pallets provide more flexibility while moving around with good. By using the air pallet technology, a lot of tasks in the shipping industry has become simple.


When air pallet is used, it makes it easy to place them in sequence and keep a track of the good while they are stored. After arranging them, it is easier to scan them with barcode check their whereabouts.


If the goods are fresh made, it needs an airflow around it to keep it fresh. Air pallet comes in handy when keeping goods fresh. Since air pallets create a gap between the ground and the goods, there is sufficient airflow. So, products stay fresh for longer hours by using the air pallet.


Pallets are reusable, so there is no need to buy extra air pallets again and again. Until the air pallets are broken, you can use it to move goods from one place to another place.


How does air pallets work?


Air pallets are devices like a trolley. It helps in carrying loads to different places. When there is no load the trolley can move on wheels. After the trolley is loaded and the air pallet is turned on. There is a diaphragm in between the load and the floor. High-pressure air fills in the diaphragm lifting the load up above the ground.


At this moment, the load completely floats on air under air pressure. There is a thin layer of air between the load and the floor. Now the load can be moved around easily. It saves a load of time and makes the task comfortable. Since the load is moving on the air there is very little friction between the load and the floor. So, there is less resistance while moving around the place.


The rest of the movement comfort depends on the condition of the floor on which the trolley is being moved. It could be a smooth floor, which means movements are smoother.


In any case, if the floor conditions are good then a little air is enough to complete the task efficiently.


If you are using air pallet, it is easy to move around 1000 lb weight with only 1 pound of force. It means that the push force required to move around the weight is cut down by 10 times. It would be a lot tougher to use a wheeled trolley instead of air pallet.


When the diaphragm is filled with air, it stretches to cover the uneven floor surface. Hence the load moves uniformly on the floor. So, there is less vibration and shocks to the goods.


What are the benefits of using air pallets?


As you have noticed that using air pallets is one of the best options for transport. It makes it much easier while shipping or moving loads. There are some advantages to using air pallets.




Air pallets are lightweight devices (4 Kg). They are even lighter than wooden pallets to carry loads. Each wooden pallet weights 10 kg. So, by using air pallets you can save a lot of money on transport. Since you need to pay for each kg of weight, you can save money. Air pallets make the ideal choice for transportation.


No smoke proof cost


When you are exporting with air pallets instead of wooden pallets or others, there is no smoke proof cost. Hence you can save more money by using air pallets rather than other types of pallets.


Keeps the products fresh


The outer layer is made out of PET, so substances don't get absorbed in it. Particles don't stick on the surface. As a result, the inner products remain fresh and completely unaffected. The cover makes it waterproof, termite proof, mildew proof, moisture-proof.


Shockproof pallets


The pallets are shockproof; they are made of ESP and PET material. As the vehicle moves, the pallet cushions the products. So, there is no direct force damaging the products. Keeping it safe from any damage during the journey. So, you know that the products will reach their destination in good shape.


Antistatic material


Another advantage of using air pallet is that it is made out of antistatic material. The technology can be used to keep the pallet cleans and neat. If wooden pallets are used, it leaves wooden chips which are not so clean.


Long-lasting and


The air pallet lasts longer than the wooden pallets. If you are using wooden pallets, you will need to replace them in six months or earlier. Replacing them over a short time, again and again, is troublesome. However, the life of an air panel is 2 years. So, you will get to save more by using air pallets and get using benefits.


Easily replaceable parts


Apart from the long-lasting advantages, sometimes the wooden pallets get broken. Air pallets have legs that can be replaced. So, if parts of air pallets are damaged, you can replace the parts rather than buying a new one. Once again, it saves a lot of money overall.


Reduce workload and makes it fast


As discussed before, by using air pallets you can reduce the workload on your staffs. It helps them finish up the work faster than it would be with wooden panels.


Air pallets are pallets of the next generation. Any industry that is not using air pallet at the present losing a lot in the business. Think about it, it gets work done faster, reduces the damage, and saves a lot of export cost.


If you are on the export business, you should switch to air pallets right away. It is because time is money. The faster your update yourself with the technology, the more you will save on your business. So, don't wait to get your air pallets right now.

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